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 Stable Rugs

Collared Doona

 The Cover Queen's very popular doona with thick fleece collar for comfort and style! Padded 200gm cotton outer with sateen lining. Super snuggly and attractive rug.
Great for use at events, as an under rug or even for cold riders to snuggle in!  

We suggest chunkier horses go up a size.


  • Thick luxurious fleece collar

  • Belly straps

  • Chest straps and Velcro closure for snug fit

  • Removable leg straps

  • Tail string

  • Shiny polyester linging for great coats and easy clean.

Best Tartan doona.jpg
stable doona.jpg

 The Cover Queen's strong and sturdy under rug. With synthetic outer 400 denier and Sateen lining. Its a great under rug for cold weather or as a stable rug!


  • Comes with removable neck rug – 3 clip system

  • Smooth synthetic outer – bedding material doesn’t stick if used in stables

  • Removable legs straps

  • Belly straps

  • Tail string

  • Double buckles on chest and neck ( 3 clip system for attaching neck)

  • Available in 200 or 300gm fill - neck rug available

  • Straw and sawdust does not stick to the outer - clever material choice

Sturdy Under Rug


 Doonas  $110

Stable Rugs $100 - $110

Optional neck rug for stable rug  $30

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