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Most sizes available 3.9-5.9 in Felted wool and Jute.
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Price $95

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We wanted to find a cover that would breathe really well for those days you can't get there in time to get our covers off in the heat. We also wanted a cover that wouldn't break the bank!

Our canvas range offers 3 different linings:

Jute, a light lining, good for shining up horses  still shower proof.


Brushed wool. A little warmer but the natural fiber breathes well - this cover is waterproof.


Felted wool - warmer again that brushed wool but 100% waterproof in the heaviest of rain.

The canvas is imported from India, it is 15oz waterproofed to 18oz in weight.  Features include - removable neck rug,  sating lining on shoulders and neck. Removable leg and belly straps! Large shoulder gusset and tail flap.

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